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Employment Linked Skilling Program

World’s only Finishing Skills program with JOB GUARANTEE

Course Objective

The ELSP Program is designed with the objective of getting the participants job ready by meeting the skillset needs of prospective employers. The course has been developed with an emphasis on lending practical knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge, thus remarkably improving the participants’ employability skills. ELSP aims to bridge the gap between student skills and employer needs thus creating a much efficient recruitment effort towards a work force that is in sync with the growing industry needs.

Program Features

This unique program trains the student in certain essential Finishing Skills and endeavours to make them ‘Job-Ready’ professionals. It is often found that the graduating students, fresh out of college, often lack certain basic skills which make them difficult to hire by HR managers. Some companies, reluctantly, set up in house training departments that work towards training these incumbent employees before they can be inducted into the business.


Get the Unfair Advantage

However, a student, who possesses the basic finishing skills have always found it easier to find his/her first job. The art of being able to present oneself, in a way that can impress an interviewer, is necessary in today’s competitive world. Moreover, the ability to apply these traits in day-to-day activities and functions helps the candidate grow up the corporate ladder.


Learn the Right Skills

Our ELSP program teaches certain necessary skills crafted into several modules. It trains the students in the areas like Business Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Sales Skills, Data Skills, Negotiation Skills, Computer Application Skills, Business Etiquettes and Knowledge about certain Industry Domains.


Learn on the Go – Use ‘Lurningo’

Our innovative learning app ‘Lurningo’, helps the student learn and practice the skills on his/her smartphone. The learning as well as the assessment can be completed by the student using his smartphone (however, we are also available to train you using your tablet, laptop or desktop).


Simply Learn or Earn while You Learn?

This unique and essential program also provides a paid Internship Opportunity to the student upon successful completion of the program. Students are offered several paid internship options (apprenticeship) in leading corporates that are tagged to the Government of India’s NEEM mission (National Employability Enhancement Mission). The interested students shall be mentored and their candidature shall be presented to the interested companies who shall help the students ‘learn on the job’.


Earn Your Work-Experience even before You Graduate

The students who pursue this internship opportunity (3-24 months) get to learn and apply the skills on the job while being paid a handsome stipend. Moreover, this apprenticeship also provides a work experience certificate (that is recognised by the Ministry of Skill Development, GOI and AICTE) that takes off the tag of the ‘Fresher’ and gets one completely ready to take off into the corporate world upon completion of one’s education.


Get Job Ready

Our placement partners, who are counted amongst India’s largest staffing companies, provide preferential placement assistance to every successful ELSP student. Every student who successfully completes the program and undergoes the apprenticeship can easily find a job for oneself with assistance from our placement partners.


Pay Only Once You Start Earning

The course fee of Rs 7000/- is payable IF and ONLY IF we can get you either a paid internship (min 3 months-max 24 months’ duration) or a placement offer from an employer of your choice (Our placement partners shall approach the recruiting companies only once you have confirmed your interest in the position).

elsp fee


A person who has completed graduation or diploma or a person pursuing studies leading to graduation/diploma is eligible to apply.


The program includes 3 months of learning sessions followed by 2 months of Internship.

A student who completes the entire program and his Graduate Degree will be entitled to get the benefits from the ELSP Placement Services.