Master of Business Administration

Program Objective

MBA program is designed to give the student an ability to develop their career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace. The student will understand the global, environmental, political, economic, legal and regulatory context for business and develop the capacity to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines. The program will provide intensive theoretical and practical knowledge of management along with relevant case studies and technical knowhow. With a full range of specializations available, students have the opportunity to select a management program that is ideally suited to their needs.

Program Fee (1st Yr) 14000
Academic Cycle January & July Batch
Duration 2 Years

Program Specification

Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University.

First Year
Management Functions & Behaviour
Managerial Economics
Financial and Management Accounting
Quantitative Techniques
Management Information Systems
Marketing Management
Financial Manangement
Human Resource Management
Operations Research
Research Methods
Second Year
Operations Management
Business Law
Strategic Management
International Business Management
Optional(any 1)
  • Option 1:- Specialization Paper-1
  • Option 2:- Specialization Paper-2
  • Option 3:- Specialization Paper-3
  • Option 4:- Specialization Paper-4
Project Work
Specialisation Program Title
I - FINANCE Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Management of Financial Services
Tax Management
International Financial Management
II – MARKETING Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour
Advertising and Sales Promotion
Services Marketing
International Marketing
III – HUMAN RESOURCE Human Resource Development
Labour Legislations
Organizational Development
Strategic Human Resource Management
IV – OPERATIONS Project Management
Total Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Materials Management
V – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Managing Information Technology
Information Systems Development
Relational Database Management System
Type Fee Details
Registration Fee 300 (at the time of admission only)
Application Fee 100 (at the time of admission only)
First year(Inclusive of SML dispatch cost) 13600
Total Fee 14000

All administrative Fee will be extra. Fee are subject to change

Other Fee

In case of loss Identity Card the student shall apply through the Study Centre to The Controller of Examinations, TNOU for the issuance of Duplicate Identity Card in the prescribed Form given in the Prospectus with a Fee of Rs.100/- paid vide State Bank of India/Indian Bank Core Banking Challan. The University copy of the remitted Challan must be enclosed along with the Application for Duplicate ID Card.

In case of non-reciept of Identity Card fron the Study Centres concerned, students may write through the Study Centre to The Controller of Examinations, TNOU for issue of Duplicate Identity Card. The Duplicate Identitiy Card in such will be issued free od cost.

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A student shall attach the University copy of the Challan with the Re-Registration Form and submit it to the Study Centre concerned. The Study Centre shall issue an acknowledgement to the student on receipt of the Re-Registration Form.

The Fee for the Second/Third Year of the study shall be paid within the dates mentioned below:

However, if desired, the student can also download the offline application form, fill it up and send the same to the University (please refer to the ‘Admission’ section of the website).

Admission Cycle Without Fine With Fine*
Calendar Year 31st March 30th June
Academic Year 30th Seprember 31st December

*A fine of Rs.10 per month upto 3 months shall be paid by the student along with the regular fee. If the student pays the fees after the last date prescribed for payment with fine, the student will be Re-Registered only for the next relevant batch.

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The Programme fee once paid shall not be refunded. However, if on scrutiny the Applicant is found not eligible for admission to his/her Programme of choice, an amount of Rs. 300/- shall be with held by the University as processing fee and the balance amount of the fee already paid to the University shall be refunded to the Applicant.

if the student desires to register a change of address for correspondence, the same may be informed to The Controller of Examinations, TNOU in the prescribed form given in the Prospectus with a fee of Rs. 50/- paid vide State Bank of India / Indian Bank Core Banking Challan. The University copy of the remitted Challan should be enclosed along with the Application Form. (Students shall make their own arrangements with the postal authorities for redirecting the communications, if any, addressed to them till the changes are effected in the University records.)

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The student is permitted a one time change of Programme/Course in the first year of study only. However no change of Programme is permitted from Certificate Progeamme to other Programmes and the vice versa.

A student opting for a change in the Programme/Course should pay

  • The additional amount of Programme fees, if any, over and above the fee already paid for the original Programme.
  • 20% of the Programme fee of the original Programme towards the cost of old Study Materials.
  • Rs. 300/- towards processing fee.

In case, the Programme fees already paid for the original Programme are more than that of the newly opted Programme, no refund of the difference in the amount shall be made to the student.

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Students are permitted to change the medium of study only in the first year. They should use the prescribed format given in the Prospectus for change of Medium along with the fee mentioned below

  • 20% of the Programme fee towards the cost of Study Materials in the new medium.
  • Rs. 300/- towards processing fee.

The fees sjould be paid vide State Bank of India / Indian Bank Core Banking Challan. The University copy of the remitted Challan must be enclosed with the application for Change of Medium.

Consolidated mark statement shall be issued to the student after he/she passes in all Courses prescribed for the Programme. The student has to pay the fee of Rs. 500/- after completing the Degree.

Sr. No. Particulars Rs.
1 Terms End Examination Mark Statement (for each mark statement) 100
2 Consolidated Mark Statement 400
3 Provisional Certificate 400
4 Degree / Diploma / Certificate 500

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