Advantages of a Certificate Program in .Net Development

Today's world is moving towards global digitization as usage of new digital devices has increased. As a result, the reach of the companies has widened. Industries and corporates are becoming more tech-savvy and are demanding candidates who are masters in Information Technology. Many courses have come up now to help the learners in gaining professional knowledge in different aspects of Information Technology.

Certificate Program in .Net Development is a five-month course that aids the students in learning different and essential techniques and skillset for creating computer software. The important topics taught in this course are:

  1. Introduction to .NET
  2. C# Fundamentals
  3. Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  4. Interoperability & COM
  5. Desktop Applications in .NET
  6. Database connectivity in .NET
  7. LINQ
  8. Database connectivity in .NET
  9. LINQ
  10. ASP.Net MVC

A learner can get many benefits after earning a degree in Certificate Program in .Net Development. With massive knowledge in the IT field, one can grab a lot of job prospects with attractive salary packages. These benefits are explained in detail below:

    .Net Development imparts knowledge about programming languages like Java and C++ for computer software. These languages are quite helpful and hold utmost importance as it eases the process of developing web applications. This enhances the ability to understand programming languages for building various apt and sophisticated computer software. One can thoroughly learn about Project Management and Agile Principles.
    As a massive wealth of knowledge is gained through this educational program, learners become professionals in nature. This enables them to become more productive in their field of work by creating unique and useful web applications and software. Learners also understand what Cyber Security is and how and when it can be applied to safeguard important data.
    Due to the digital boom, corporates are demanding more .Net Developers Certificate holders, thereby, increasing their career scope. Different job profiles have been made available for these certificate holders in the market. Some of them are:
    1. .Net Developer
    2. Junior Developer
    3. ASP .Net Developer
    4. Software Engineer
    5. Software Analyst
    6. IOS Developer
    7. Web Developer
    8. Technology Architect
    9. Android App Developer
    10. ASP.Net MVC
    The .Net Development Certificate holders’ proficiency widens as this course is comprehensive. It helps them in applying for different job profiles. As the demands for .Net Development Certificate holders are increasing day by day, the companies are ready to pay them attractive salaries to lure them and hire the best among them. The average salary of a .Net Development developer is between 4 - 7 lakhs per year in India.
    .Net Development Certificate course increases the scope of the learners in achieving well-paid jobs. The knowledge gained improves the ability of the learner in handling the problems and finding the right solutions, They can effectively lead and execute the whole project single-handedly. As a result, productivity improves and better results are achieved. It proves that the program not only widens career prospects but also assists in moving up the career ladder.

Post Graduation Degree In Cyber Security

Digivarsity by TeamLease Edtech is offering a Certificate Program in .Net Development with a Job Guarantee. In this 5-month course, students will be taught by expert faculty who will mould them into professional .Net Developers.

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