Certificate Program in Java Programming: Program Overview, Benefits & Job Opportunities

Java is one of the largest languages that is used for building websites and applications. It is a programming language that enables everything from developing games and apps to sending emails, managing calendar events, and building web applications.

The Certificate Program in Java Programming at Digivarsity is designed for students who are pursuing a career in the software industry. Students who wish to have a competitive edge in the job market can enroll in this course and explore their areas of interest further with Certificate Program in Java Programming. This java certification course online will take you on a learning adventure as you master key Java concepts and build your own skill set.

Benefits of studying Certificate Program in Java

Certificate Program in Java Programming Overview:

The topics covered are:

Core Java
RDBMS Concepts
Design Patterns & Principles
Web Services & REST
Basics of XML
Overview of JEE technologies
Servlets and JSP

Career scope of pursuing online Certificate Program in Java Programming

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a Java Developer is INR 5 Lacs per year in India. Moreover, a variety of job profiles are available for Java Programming experts who have the relevant education. The job opportunities are:

  1. 1. Java Developer
  2. 2. Full Stack Engineer
  3. 3. Software Engineer
  4. 4. Java Software Engineer
  5. 5. SQL Programmer
  6. 6. Java Programmer
  7. 7. Android App designer
  8. 8. Coder
  9. 9. Technologist
  10. 10.Senior Backend Engineer

*At Digivarsity *

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