What is the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Program?

PRINCE2 is one of the most in-demand project management qualifications globally. It is a method-based approach to project management that offers a flexible and scalable way to handle all kinds of projects. No matter the size or kind of project, PRINCE2 is a flexible approach that walks you through the necessary steps for managing a successful project. PRINCE2 can be customized to your organization's or industry's unique needs.

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner is a short-term 16 hours (2 days) program at Digivarsity that helps students develop a variety of fundamental PRINCE2 skills.

Benefits of studying PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner program highlights:

Course Curriculum

Lesson 01 - Course Introduction
Lesson 02 - PRINCE2 and Agile Concepts01
Lesson 03 - Blending PRINCE2 and Agile
Lesson 04 - PRINCE2 Agile Focus Areas
Lesson 05 - What to Fix and What to Flex
Lesson 06 - PRINCE2 Agile Guidance, Tailoring, and Techniques

Numerous organizations throughout the world now recognize PRINCE2 training as the best practice project management method, making it the most demanding training method in the world. As a result, organizations are looking for more certified PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner professionals, thereby, increasing their career opportunities. A variety of job profiles are now available for the PRINCE2 experts. Among them are:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Project Engineer
  3. Service Delivery Manager
  4. Program Manager
  5. Project Coordinator
  6. Operations Manager
  7. Project Executive
  8. Project Management Analyst
  9. PRINCE2 Consultant
  10. Infrastructure Project Manager

*At Digivarsity *

Get started with your project management journey now by enrolling in the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course online at Digivarsity. Admissions are now open for the session 2022-23. Please visit our official website to know more about the program click here.