Why Is Learning Java Programming Important?
The year was 1995. James Gosling, working in Sun Microsystem Company, invented a programming language that made history in the IT world - JAVA. Java is the form of programming language that assists programmers in building applications for various digital platforms like computers, mobiles, televisions, etc.
Because of its easy, flexible, and secure nature, around the world, industries use it. They prefer to hire techies who can carry immense knowledge about JAVA and know how to put it to use. It has made a high demand for such professionals.

Below are the reasons why learning Java Programming is vital.

  1. Easy To Learn
    Java is simple to learn, unlike other programming languages. It was designed in such a manner that even beginners will be able to understand it easily. It has English-type syntax that enables programmers to memorize it effortlessly.

    Learners who wish to study Java can choose to do a Certificate Program in Java Programming. The program guides the students through the concepts and techniques of Java and boosts their coding skills.

  2. Procured Easily
    Java is an open source and is available for free. It can be downloaded from its official website. That is why small businesses and beginners can quickly procure and use it.

  3. Vast Users
    Java is used extensively in all industries. Every operating system has its presence. Even when new programming languages have been developed in the past couple of decades, Java is the most preferred one. It is mainly because of its versatility, fast speed, and secure usage. Some of the tech giants that use Java are Google, Amazon, Apple, Intel, NASA, Android, etc.

  4. Versatile In Nature
    Java can be used on all operating platforms. It becomes transferable from one platform to another without much hustle. The programmer can change the code as and when the operating device changes. It is the reason why Java is a stable and secure programming language.

  5. Object Oriented
    Java is an object-oriented programming language, which makes it flexible and diverse yet easy to use. It can be run on any digital device, making it different from other programming languages.

  6. Numerous Tools
    Java has several Integrated development environments (IDEs) - IntelliJ, Eclipse, Android Studio, Netbeans, and others. Software programmers often use these tools as they assist them by offering various facilities like debugging, syntax highlighting, language support, etc. These tools are the reason for Java being simple and faster programming.

  7. Several Job Opportunities
    Due to Java’s growing popularity among businesses, flexibility, simple learning, usage, and secured system, most companies demand tech experts to handle their systems and are ready to pay handsome salaries. It has raised job profiles in the IT sector.

  8. API
    API is the acronym form of Application Programming Interface. And Java has three types of APIs - Official Java Core APIs, Optional Official Java APIs, and Unofficial APIs. They make the process of creating applications quick and easy to use.

*Where To Learn Java From?*

The online Certificate Program in Java Programming has been launched by Digivarsity and will charge Rs.15,000. This program will transform beginners into professional techies by strengthening their skills and teaching them how well to make use of Java.

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