Certificate Program in .Net Development with Job Guarantee

The increasing adoption of digital products has enabled the penetration of web & software technologies. With a wider range of platforms - Desktop, Web, Mobile, AR/VR, etc., the scope for software development is only going to increase. With development costs dropping, many non-tech companies are becoming tech-savvy which would lead to a future where every company will be a tech company on some level. The Indian IT/ITeS Industry has shown phenomenal growth in the last decade contributing to the Digital India initiative and is poised to grow up to USD 350 million by 2025, creating 3 million+ jobs in the process.

This program is focused on building essential software development skills among learners to make them productive and reliable full-stack .NET developers which shall open new opportunities for them.

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Who Should Attend?
  • Graduates in BE/BTech (CS/IT), ME/MTech (CS/IT), BSc (CS/IT), MSc IT, BCA, MCA
Course Duration

5 months

Course Fee

40,000 + GST


Graduation with 50% in any of the above streams, with basic programming knowledge


Virtual live instructor-led training

Certified / Accredited By

TeamLease Edtech

Learning Outcomes
Understand Microsoft .NET Framework Architecture
Create a web application using .NET
Manage media applications using JavaScript.
Learn the most famous server scripting technology with immensely popular MySQL
Learn Project Management and Agile Principles to run any software project

Topics Covered
  • Introduction to .NET
  • C# Fundamentals
  • OOPs in C#
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  • Namespaces & Arrays, Indexers and Collections Exception Handling
  • I/O
  • Delegates and Events
  • Interoperability & COM
  • Desktop Applications in .NET
  • Database connectivity in .NET
  • LINQ
  • Package and Deployment
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Styling web pages using CSS3
  • Basics of Project Management and Agile Process
  • Capstone Project
Job Mapping

Today, ASP.NET is one of the leading web application development frameworks specially used to create dynamic websites. There are millions of the developers in the INDIA and same as companies who provide the service of ASP.NET development. ASP.NET developers are in demand and getting paid better after having perfect monitoring and increased experience in web development campaign. According to Glassdoor, the national average annual salary for a full stack .NET developer is INR 7,54,759 per year in India.

You can start out by being a junior developer, and then move on to senior developer, lead developer, and subsequently a Technical Director role.


Previous experience with Object-oriented languages (Java / C++) is helpful but not mandatory. Students should be comfortable working with the Windows operating system.

Course Curriculum

History of .NET
Features of .NET
Benefits of .NET
.NET Framework Architecture
Common Language Runtime
Framework Class Library
Tools for .NET Development
.NET Tool - Demo
Versions of .Net
Overview of C#
C# console application - Demo
Additional features in C# 9.0
OOP Concepts & C# Basics
- Variables and Data Types
- Overview of Operators
- Arithmetic and Relational Operators
- Logical Operators
- Conditional Constructs
- Iteration Constructs
Call by value, ref, out
Simple Methods
Overloaded methods
OOPs implementation in C#
- Classes in C#
Encapsulation and Abstraction
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Access Specifiers and Modifiers
Property Functions
Abstract Class and Interface
Garbage Collection
Understanding the structure of an MVC project
- Naming conventions
- Creating views
- Defining Models
- Data validations
- HTML Helpers
Razor View engine
- Understanding Razor
- Implementing Razor View
- Accessing Model data in razor view
ASP.Net Application Architecture
- Implementing Repository and entity
- Implementing a custom controller factory
View techniques
- Defining and using HTML Helpers
- Defining layout/MVC Master pages
Implementing Navigation in MVC web applications
- Defining view model classes
- Data filtering
- Routing mechanism
- Defining default parameters and validation
- Generating URLs with hyperlink
- Custom rule constraints
MVC State Management
Web API with MVC
Namespaces in C#
- Overview of Namespaces and Features
- Single Dimensional array
- 2-D array
- Jagged array
Indexers - Numeric and String indexer
Stacks and Queues
Array Class
Hashtables and Sorted Lists
Errors and its overview
Exceptions overview
Exception classes
Custom Exceptions
- Directives Overview
- Attributes
- Regular Expression
Pattern Search
- Overview of I / O
- FileWriters
- FileReaders
- Basic File and Directory Handling
- Overview of Serialization
- Binary Serialization
- XML Serialization
- SOAP Serialization
- Comparison of Serialization types
Delegates Overview
Intrusion Prevention Systems
Anonymous Methods
Lambda Expressions
- Overview of Assembly
- Types of Assemblies
- Structure of Assemblies
- Overview of COM & Interoperability
- Com Interop
- .NET Interop
Windows Forms
- Overview of Win Forms
- Form Controls
Designing of Forms
- Simple Windows Forms
- Inherited Forms
Windows Forms
- Overview of Win Forms
- Form Controls
• Designing of Forms
- Simple Windows Forms
- Inherited Forms
• Menu Driven Applications & Additional Dialog Boxes
- Menu Bar
- Tool Bar
- Status Bar
- Fileopen, Filesave, Color dialog
- Overview of ADO.NET
- ADO .NET architecture
Data Providers and Data Set
Query and Data Manipulation
- Connected model
- Disconnected model
- DataBindings for TextBoxes
Data Navigation
- Navigating records
- Data Grid & Navigation through Records
Stored Procedures and Transactions
- ADO .NET wizard
- Stored Procedures
- Transactions
- Using Report Viewer
LINQ Fundamentals
- Overview of LINQ
- LINQ Internals
LINQ to Object
LINQ to Dataset
.NET Application Deployment - Packaging and Installation methods
Publish core / .net 5.0 Apps on IIS
Publish the app to any cloud solution (Aws/azure)
CI/CD Introduction
Repository overview Github/SVN
MySQL Fundamentals
MySQL Tables and Views
- Create Table
- Alter Table
- Drop Table
- View
MySQL Data Types
MySQL Keys, Constraints and Indexes
- Primary Keys
- Unique Constraints
- Indexes
MySQL Programming
- Functions
- Procedures
- Triggers
- Cursors
- Literals (Constants)
- Declaring Variables
- Loops and Conditional Statements
- AUTO_INCREMENT (Sequences)
- Comments within SQL
MySQL Comparison Operators
MySQL Query Types
- SELECT Statement
- SELECT LIMIT Statement
- INSERT Statement
- UPDATE Statement
- DELETE Statement
- DELETE LIMIT Statement
- UNION Operator
- UNION ALL Operator
- INTERSECT Operator
- Subqueries
MySQL Joins
MySQL Aliases
MySQL Clauses
MySQL Functions
MySQL Conditions
JavaScript Fundamentals
- Comments
- Literals
- Reserved Words
- Operators
- Variables
- Console Log
JavaScript Loops and Conditional Statements
JavaScript String Methods
JavaScript Number Methods
JavaScript Math Functions
JavaScript Array Methods
Introduction to jQuery - jQuery Syntax - jQuery Selectors - jQuery Events
jQuery Effects
jQuery HTML
jQuery Traversing
jQuery AJAX
jQuery Misc
Styling of HTML elements-text
Links, lists and tables
Different ways to write CSS
Creating Navigation Bars
Hide visibility of an element
CSS Image Sprites and Gradients
CSS Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements
CSS3 Text Effects using different text fonts
Creating 2D and 3D transformations
Creating 2D and 3D transformations
CSS3 resize UI and multiple columns feature
Project - E-Commerce website menu: HTML5 CSS3 Big Dropdowns
Scrum Roles
Scrum Events and Artifact Transparency
Sprint and Increment
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog
Definition of "Done"
CSS3 resize UI and multiple columns feature
Project - E-Commerce website menu: HTML5 CSS3 Big Dropdowns
Build a real-world mini social networking application with ASP.NET MVC 5

Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation will comprise of the following components and weightages:

  • Final Assessment – (Multiple Choice Questions) (60%)
  • Project Viva-Voce (40%)

Upon clearing a cut-off of 75% in total, the student will be eligible for interviews by the potential organization.


Self   Team/Organisation
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